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Monday, 27 February 2012

T POSE model sheets

So i scrapped the t pose for Hanzo. I realized that the final designs need a taller slender look with better proportions. The Witch has two forms with her face transformation so i added a her alien face to match.

Hanzo, Gure Teru and Geisha witch first concept

I sketched newer concepts for the characters for height difference. Tried to make the witch taller from the two.

sketches and up dates

sorry i have not posted in a while.  here is what i got so far

Thursday, 5 January 2012

ninja demon colored

had two types of looks on the demon ninjas that i wanted to see how it looks in color. first version was going towards a more misty look while the other one looks a little more cyborgish.


I was thinking about how the characters would look in color so i wanted to test it out.

newer versions sketches of Hanzo and Gure Teru

I thought the latest versions of the concept sketches are starting to fit more appropriately to the story plot.

I made Hanzo the hot blooded, revenge driven older brother (age 20), who takes any challenge head on. He is well trained with his sword, but does end up at times having his little sister pulling him out of trouble from a distance. Gure Teru, the younger sister of Hanzo, (age 18), Is skilled with the bow and arrow, accurate with most projectile weapons, loves nature and becomes one with it. She uses her long range skills to watch over her brother from a distance.She is the calm collected , positive and spiritual sibling of the two. Her bow is uniquely designed as a double pointed spear bow. Hanzo and his sister wear their fathers name and come to realize that their father has been in contact with unearthly beings who provided him the material to make the youngsters weapons. Hanzo ends up being seduced by the Geisha  witch, who will eventually have him jeopardize his sisters life. The witch is set to consume their souls as well as eat them as well as possess the childrens weapons. Hanzo for once has to focus and use his mind to save his sister from her doom. The witch is very powerful but prefers to summon herdemon ninjas to observe the skills of the children when they battle. She arranges the demon ninjas to chase the kids towards the witch's house.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Japanese version of Hansel and Gretal. (ninja kids)

Here are the ninja versions of the kids instead Hansel is Hanzo  and Gretal is Gure Teru. The Witch is a Geisha/ assasin/ witch. I thought it be cool if she posesed the power to summon demon ninja spirits to make the action sequence interesting. so i have sketched a sample of the house, witch, Hanzo and Gure Teru as well as a demon ninja. For some reason i got stuck on this version because i figured the kids will realize that the witch is actually a reptilian alien who has been in conflict with their father before they were born and so their father knew this and trained them for the worst to come. The plot would be destiny based. The father is a Grandmaster as well as a spiritual blacksmith who provides the weapons for the kids before his time of death.

Early concept sketches for Hansel and Gretal

I have rough sketches for Hansel and Gretal, here is the based more on a cartoony traditional style to the story.

reference images for hansel and gretal

Just a mish mash of references images that i can jumble together for the assignment. I was contemplating on keeping the story to the traditional style , but for some reason got stuck on a Japanese rendition of the story. It would be called Hanzo and Gure Teru. They are trained ninja kids whom the Geisha witch has assasinated their father , who is a Grandmaster. The Kids dont find that out until the part where they kill the witch, to heighten the climax of the story plot.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Hello there everyone! Welcome.

Just thought i would put together my blog page. Will keep you guys updated as the time passes.